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Top Features of a PDF Software for Business

Having the right office tools to automate and fast-track workflows can affect your delivery in the business. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, everyone knows that PDF software is essential for document productivity.

But using the wrong PDF tools can frustrate your efforts, tamper with work output, and kick you out of the competition. So, how do you select the right PDF editor tailored for your business needs and help you stay in business?

To answer these questions, we’ve collected the top features of good PDF software for business. You need to verify that you’re making the best business decision before you pick that tool.

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OCR for PDF scanning software

Optical Character Recognition technology is helping businesses transit to a paperless office. Your office can also eliminate paper documents by scanning all paperwork and converting them to editable and searchable text in PDFs.

OCR is an essential aspect of PDF editing software for creatives and entrepreneurs because it recognizes text inside docs, images, and handwritten notes. This feature reads texts within PDFs and images and transforms them into the actual text that you can work with.

With this feature, you can save a lot of time used to print, edit PDF online, and scan documents for use. You can save a lot of paper, too.

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Appending pages

Adding pages to a PDF may be necessary when the file needs more content. It’s also another way to edit an existing PDF file, import new resources from another document, and update business documents.

Free PDF solutions will let you insert more pages on a document, but not for long. Some free tools only allow you to edit PDF pages in limited quantity, and that’s not healthy for business.

A good PDF editing software will let you rotate and reorder existing pages or extract and delete pages from a PDF file. Choose a PDF document editor that excels at adding pages seamlessly to a document.

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PDF editing

A file editing program is essential for editing documents in PDF forms. A feature-rich tool will offer plenty of editing functions to help you make changes to PDFs without converting them.

Apart from viewing PDF files, a standard tool will allow you to revise content within PDFs. You can add or edit PDF text online, change images, insert graphics, and fill out forms using a single tool. They also allow you to highlight and annotate PDFs, which helps to provide feedback on documents.

Tools for minor PDF editing are convenient when you can’t spare the time to create new documents from scratch or convert PDFs to native file formats. They also let you upload files from the cloud or device storage for editing.

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File conversion

Saving personal information and business data in PDFs is an easy way to maintain the integrity of that document because PDFs are difficult to edit without leaving a trace. The right PDF tool should help you convert complex PDF files to other file formats (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) so you can work with them.

Since you collect most business data via PDFs, there are occasions when you need to edit PDF files accurately, and a PDF editor won’t suffice. In these cases, your PDF software should allow you to export the data into other formats for better editing.

An excellent PDF tool should allow you to convert files to and from numerous formats, including HTML, RTF, JPEG, and PNG. Also, the content should be preserved in its original format as in the source PDF.

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PDF scanning automation

Managing a constant influx of documents requires some automation to fine-tune the process. That’s how the Auto Scan feature on PDF tools helps to sort through office files without hassle.

Not all scanners and multifunction devices possess OCR functionality, so creating searchable text for digital copies cannot be easy. It’s so productive to get a tool that scans and converts text to searchable content so you can easily find them whenever you need them.

Automation has obvious benefits, such as letting your staff focus on value-added tasks and reducing human errors. So, select a program to edit PDF that takes away repetition and replaces your workflows with automation.

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Fair pricing

Price is an essential factor to consider before settling with a professional PDF tool to manage PDF needs. You can find the ideal PDF software to edit PDF documents by evaluating how the cost affects the business’s profit.

Note that tools like Adobe Acrobat may be too expensive for private business owners, startups, and SMEs. If you fall in this category, you can go for editors with pricing plans that won’t eat into your budget.

Most PDF file software offers renewable pricing plans, each with regulated access to editing features. For instance, Lumin PDF offers three monthly pricing plans: Professional, Business, and Enterprise. You can choose the plan that suits your budget and office needs.

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E-signature tool

Another task you can accomplish with PDF tools is signing business documents electronically. The “Fill & Sign” feature on tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader and Lumin PDF lets you digitally insert an image of your handwritten signature.

You can also add credentials like your name, company title, and date to complete the signature. Once you finish, this electronic signature becomes a part of the PDF, which you can now share with recipients.

This feature helps authenticate legal and financial statements when you create and issue these documents online. Some tools even let you retain the original color of the signature to appear more believable.

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How to have it all in Lumin

Lumin PDF is a dedicated PDF software to transform how creators, corporate individuals, and business owners work with documents. You can leverage the edit PDF services on Lumin for batch processing of files, page management, and file optimization.

With the Business plan, you can insert unlimited eSignatures, merge documents, and collaborate with team members. This is the best deal for office teams who work with documents regularly.

Lumin PDF also passwords encryption keys and restricted access features to enhance file security. With its OCR feature, you can create editable text from scanned paperwork and lead a paperless work environment.

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Automation is the best way to optimize processes for better results in business. If you’re frustrated with the ancient method of running files through a scanner every time, you need to switch to PDF editors.

Fortunately, Lumin PDF incorporates the required features for your PDF editing needs as you send and receive files. When you sign up, there’s a free trial for you to edit PDF file online before you decide on a pricing plan. Regardless,


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