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These Are the Happiest Cities in Alberta

Of all the Canadian provinces, Alberta has the most sunshine and some of the most beautiful scenery. Many different types of scenery may be found here, such as massive mountain ranges, more than 600 lakes, the lush Boreal forest, and the captivating Badlands desert. Read on for the happiest cities in Alberta.


The hilly metropolis of Calgary provides foreign nationals living and working in Alberta with the ideal blend of rural and urban living. The cosmopolitan metropolis has evolved quickly as the core of Canada’s oil sector, leading to the construction of numerous skyscrapers and high rises. However, the stunning mountain backdrop prevents you from ever feeling as if you’re in a concrete jungle. Additionally, the city has a lovely river that is lined with trees, and there are lots of green spaces to bring balance to the city. Because of this, Calgary appeals to both urban and outdoor enthusiasts. A great combination of work and leisure is provided by the numerous year-round hiking, camping, and skiing areas nearby.

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St. Albert

St. Albert can be one of the greatest places to live in Alberta if you prefer to have all the services you can imagine close by but are not a fan of major cities. Located just outside of Edmonton, you can travel in 30 minutes to the big city while still enjoying a quiet suburban lifestyle. St. Albert, which has 70,000 residents, is a favorite among expats with families due to its welcoming community atmosphere, excellent education system, and access to healthcare. There are some foreigners that go to Edmonton for work, but there are also plenty of high-paying jobs available in the area. In addition to being bordered by forested hills and undulating hills, St. Albert enjoys a lot of sunshine all year round. Even yet, the winters in this portion of the region can be quite chilly. St. Albert is popular among families due to its low crime rate and reputation as one of Alberta’s safest cities. The cost of real estate is also marginally less than in Edmonton.  The average property price in Canada is $600,000, whereas in St Albert real estate it is $400,000 This area is often affordable because the cost of living is likewise quite consistent.

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The capital of Alberta is Edmonton, which has a diverse cultural history and hosts about 50 events every year. It is also one of Canada’s wealthiest cities, partly as a result of its importance to the oil and gas sector. Given the abundance of employment and business options, Edmonton is unquestionably one of the greatest cities in Alberta for expats. In addition to the numerous offices of major organizations, this region has a booming IT sector. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities in the fields of education, health, and obviously, oil. Edmonton might not have Calgary’s spectacular mountain background. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of beautiful natural areas close by, such as Jasper National Park, which is a 4-hour drive away. As a result, if Edmonton becomes your home base, you will undoubtedly enjoy a comfortable urban lifestyle with access to stunning natural beauty on the weekends.

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Red Deer

Red Deer is not even close to being as well-known abroad as Edmonton or Calgary. It’s still one of the greatest cities in Alberta for expats despite being the third largest city there. It has a big population of more than 100,000, all the contemporary conveniences, and an abundance of employment options. Red Deer doesn’t have an international airport, although it is ideally situated in the middle of the two largest cities. Driving or taking a train takes roughly two hours to get to Calgary or Edmonton. Additionally, the town has a tiny regional airport that makes it simple to travel to neighboring Canadian provinces. Red Deer has a wide variety of attractions, including museums, theaters, parks, nature walks, and ski slopes. To younger expats and digital nomads, it could be tedious and uninspiring, therefore it is definitely better suited to elder expats and families.

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