May 31


7 things you need to know about newborn babies

As a new parent, you’ve already got your hands full with diapers, sleepless nights, and making sure your baby is fed properly like you read on But before you get too comfortable in the parenting saddle, there are five things you need to know about newborn babies that can help make their first few days (and months) much nicer for all involved.


1) Babies love to be held and cuddled: Newborns want nothing more than to be held close. The truth oftentimes is that when a new parent feels overwhelmed or frustrated with their little bundle of joy it’s because they’re not getting enough skin-to-skin contact.

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2) Don’t expect a newborn to act like a baby: The myth that babies are born knowing how to crawl or walk is wrong. They don’t know how to do anything. A newborn won’t begin crawling until they’re at least six months old, and they won’t be walking until they’re at least one year old. This can be frustrating for a new parent who expects a baby to act more mature than they actually are.


3) Babies should be seen by a doctor right away: If you notice any changes in your baby, such as changes in the skin or eyes, you should consult with the pediatrician right away. Newborns are very fragile and can easily be sick or injured if the mother is not given a proper prenatal care check.

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4) Breast milk is the best thing for newborns: Breast milk is the perfect food for newborns and it shouldn’t be substituted with any alternative. If your baby has any reactions to his formula or doesn’t thrive, then something may be wrong and you should seek medical advice right away.


5) Your baby needs your love every day: It’s true that babies need you to hold them, nurse them and bathe them, but they also need you to touch them as they sleep, while they play and while they cry. They’ll get plenty of love from their mothers. They just won’t get it from you as often as they would if you used some of that time to bond with them yourself. Newborns need your love, but they also need you to be their parent – and this means being the best possible parent when they are very young.

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6) Newborn babies love to be held, cuddled and fed: Newborns want nothing more than to be held close.


7) Your newborn needs you to be patient and loving: When you feel frustrated or don’t have the answers you need to make your newborn baby happy, it’s very easy to get upset. Don’t forget that just a few weeks ago, your little bundle of joy was in utero and the space they took up then was only about the same size as their brain is now. They didn’t even have eyes yet and had plenty of room for growth.

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This article has shared some of the important things about newborn babies that you need to know. This is a must read for all parents who are looking forward to welcoming their newborns.

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