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6 Tips for a Successful Instagram Business Profile

With more than 1.21 billion active users, Instagram has taken over social media across the world. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular digital platforms for sharing photos and videos over the internet. Similarly, it has paved new ways for businesses to promote their products and services. In addition, it has enabled brands to establish their online presence, build a brand image, and gauge the attention of their target audience. So, if you want to find out ways to successfully create and maintain a business profile on Instagram, read this article until the end!

Here are the best tips and techniques to switch to a business account on Instagram:

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Switch from Personal to Business Account

If you are still using your personal account for your business profile, you need to switch to a business account at your earliest! This will help market your products or services, and provide your customers with the contact details of your business in just one tap. In addition, you can directly post Instagram ads without making use of advertising tools by Facebook.

Instagram allows its users to access an analytical tool known as Insights. It helps businesses understand their audience using metrics to devise their next marketing strategy. In addition, you can easily publish ads on Instagram and track the number of impressions made through each ad.

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Revamp Your Profile

Next, you need to ensure that the content you post on Instagram should be optimized in the following ways:


Bio is one of the first few things that people notice on Instagram. Hence, it can be used to make a good first impression on your audience. Make sure you add words that are relevant to your niche without exceeding the 150 characters limit. Besides, you can add information about your new launches and promotions with a link to your website.

Profile Picture

On Instagram, you can upload an image as your profile picture with a resolution of 110×110 pixels. To make it more effective, use your brand’s logo as your profile picture. Make sure that your new profile picture fits well into the frame and crop or resize the image if needed. The only formats valid for an Instagram profile picture are PNG, BMP, JPEG, or any non-animated GIF image.

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It is always a good idea to use the same profile picture on all social media accounts. If you are uploading your brand’s logo, make sure you stick to the same color and template in every profile picture. This way, your pages on all platforms will remain consistent with your brand’s signature style.

Collaborate With Influencers on Instagram

Instagram has proven itself as one of the best digital platforms for collaborating with other brands and influencers across the world. It allows you to promote your profile by engaging with different brands or people on Instagram. You can run influencer campaigns by asking other brands or influencers to promote your product. This works as an effective technique to can increase the number of followers on Instagram and attract more people to your brand.

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Work on Your Creatives

You can grab your audience’s attention using your brand’s creatives. Add popular yet relevant hashtags to your posts so that your content reaches a wider audience across the world. You can also use hashtags as a call-to-action (CTA) to your similar posts on Instagram. Moreover, using hashtags in your posts will help you identify your followers among the rest of the users on Instagram.

Share Your Content in Instagram Stories

Instagram provides an opportunity for its users to post content that lasts 24 hours only. This feature can be used to create hype about your upcoming launch, promotions, or content uploaded on your profile. This way, you can entertain your audience and keep them updated about the latest news and events related to your products or services. This will enable your followers to engage with your stories and posts more often.

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Post Photos and Videos Regularly

For more engagement on your profile, you should consider posting content more often. However, you should avoid sharing photos and videos on your feed more than thrice a day, or else, it will be considered spamming the feed. Creating a content calendar will help you schedule a suitable time to upload your content on Instagram. Besides, you need to ensure that the quality of your content is good enough to keep your audience hooked to your posts. If you are posting videos with a higher resolution, we recommend you reach out to Spectrum servicio al cliente for a faster and more reliable internet connection. Spectrum billing is so easy-peasy and convenient that you are able to stay connected to the digital world without any worries.

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Final Thoughts

Instagram has brought several opportunities for businesses to showcase their products and services online. Even if your brand profile is no longer active on other social media platforms, you can still achieve your business goals using your Instagram profile. The more you work on building your online presence, the better the results will be. Follow our tips and techniques listed above to maximize your profits and success through Instagram.

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